Its Summer time, May 4th 2000, wearing light blue tshirt with jeans and sleepers moving out of MBA class with Vishal and Disha, see 5-6 graduates are fighting in front of balcony in the university. Disha who is studious and scared asked us to leave, me and Vishal are looking at the guys, one of them heard,” How dare you to touch my girlfriend?”, rest were like his real parents (Supporters) getting beaten by 3 folks who are quite strong and healthy. I asked vishal ,’ Lets stop this fight”, he agreed and we went to them and ask one of guys,”What’s the matter?”, We were quite popular in University to sort out such matters as we have experienced more heartbreak feelings in our lives. Guy responded,”He is hitting on my girlfriend”,I asked,” How can you make sure”, “I have seen them together”, he replied. I smiled and very firmly and softly looked at him, his shirt was in few pieces, blood on shirt and nose and then the girl who was little scared, requested them to have some water first, all agreed. We then sat behind MBA block, on the chairs and asked chotu to bring tea and pakoras. I was smiling and thinking,’ How true is seeing and believing?”. I asked girl(Shobha) and her boyfriend(Amit),” So what do you need now?” He said,” I wanna kill that guy”..this brings me question,’ How come once need can be created into want?’

Amit was in anger, red face and said,” Bro, you keep out of this”. I asked” What is the impact on you and others now?”..he could distinguish that he could go to jail and Shobha can anytime make other boyfriend, his parents will be in sorrow and he will have bad name..he stopped for a second and asked me” This is not my need, how come I want this?”..I smiled and answered ” To create someone’s need to want either of 5 have to be triggered” and these are :

1) Pride – ” Mr Amit, Shobha is your girl friend, How about if you both are together and she is beautiful and your friends will be jealous of you when you roam around in university and you will feel proud @ it that you protected her from bad people”

2) Profit – ” Mr Amit, you are smart and you love Shobha and she belongs to rich family, if you both get married, you will have great financial asset coming from her house, so never lose Shobha and fight for it”

3) Need – “Mr Amit, you are young guy of 20 yrs, you are smart and you can not find better partner than Shobha and she understands you and you both love each other, How can you allow someone to takeaway your love?”

4) Love – “Mr Amit, you truly love Shobha and the whole university and your parents know about it. She has come to this world only for you and you both are made for eachother. You cannot live without her”

5) Fear – “Mr Amit, you have invested your lot of time, money and efforts to bring Shobha in your life, How can you lose her?”

I asked,”Amit, you are operating from which zone above mentioned?” He smiled and realized that not only him, even Shobha and the guy with whom he had fight operates from one of these and if any of these clashes, there is clash in emotions and triggers reactions. Amit finally stood up and said sorry to other guys and all became good friends. I can see them more frequently at Chotu tea stall together sharing happier moments of their college life.

Movie of my life !!


Debbie works in IT company as Manager. One day, In the morning she is driving her Car and as her Car stopped at red light, an immediate thought comes in her mind,” What is my desire of life?”, she finds herself in office as Head of the division and 200 people reporting to her and feeling successful and complete. Suddenly another thought strikes back as counter taking her to personal life, she sees her two lovely kids Bryce(2 year old) and Alex (5 yr old) in the evening at home crying, crawling and pair of eyes are looking for their mother, love and touch & as she reached home in the evening, Bryce and Alex are sleeping on the couch, with dry tears on their faces. Honk awakens her from these thoughts to move ahead of red light now and hit to office desk. At 9 am, she puts her laptop on desk,look at picture of family on desk. She has desire to grow in career and imagination is taking her to professional growth and personal downfall. She is feeling fearful and low confidence before the start of the day as there is conflict in desire and Imagination.In the lunch, she is meeting her old friend Michael and shared her experience of morning’s thoughts. Michael,50 years old , wearing blue jeans, black jacket , bald and composed and calm person having 30 years experience in streamlining HR processes in companies listened to Debbie. Both are having Coffee at coffee shop, Michael asked ,” Resolve conflicts between desire and imagination, as imagination gains at the end of the day”

Debbie suddenly realized imagination comes first and imagination of desires can be altered with more peace, happiness and be in that moment in vision like movie running in mind. “Mind movie” is the biggest and longest picture which she can direct,act and have lots of emotions & Drama in it without any expenses. As a director, she can decide to make happy movie or horror movie of her life.

Debbie made a new movie and shared with Michael after 5 minutes of thought ,” I am happily playing with Bryce and Alex at home and receiving a phone call that I got a freelancing job to work with flexibility hours at more income and also received 2 weeks trip sponsored to Paris for family on this new job”

Which movie of your life you are directing and playing role? Remember, Vision & running mind movies with positive affirmations shall definitely close gap between desires and imaginations.

Empty Seat !!

Empty seat


Reached Delhi Airport early on July 12th to get on boarding pass for Mumbai. At counter, Jet Airways Assistant Monika asked,” We have few unused seats, which seat you would prefer.” I preferred Window seat and checked in luggage and felt lucky inside that have vacant seat beside me. Had one hour more to on board, so started roaming at airport for some window shopping. Had Iris coffee with muffin and bought newspaper to pass time in flight. As I reached in flight, felt very comfortable and like” Kingpin” to have two seats at the cost of one. Passengers were coming in and their eyes were looking, glaring for vacant seats. I suddenly took out day’s paper and started to read. I spread the paper wider, making the seat look as undesirable as possible. I still remember what kind of behavior was I engaged at that moment and what were some of the things I was doing? I was watching people who wanted to sit on seat next to me and I was feeling insecure,problems like threat to me. My needs are primary and for rest are secondary.

I remember after 2 months, was traveling to Mumbai again with my friend. Flight was almost full, so we didn’t got seats together. In the plane, I was looking out for some empty seats and flight attended was having difficult time trying to find out way to seat us together.As we stood in the aisle of the lane, trying to figure out solution, a woman holding folded newspaper came up from behind us and said,” Excuse me,if you need two seat together, I believe the seat next to me is vacant and I’d be happy to sit in one of your seats”. I thanked her and acknowledged her offer. I could not stop myself thinking incident happened 2 months back and started comparing lot of things.

“Did she privilege her own needs and desire like I do?” Did she see us as threat,insecure or problems? I minimize others;she didn’t.I felt anxious,irritated and threatened;while she appears to have had no such negative emotions at all. Isn’t it all people have same needs and desire boarding on plane. My view was that I entitled to have vacant seat or superior and people looking for seats were inferior or doesn’t deserve.

I couldn’t even see What I was doing and that’s how mostly live whole life. That day realized me something, my point of view about others is distorted and was operating as a FACT of this view and hence was not feeling powerful.



Help please

Atul graduated from IIT working with top IT company in Delhi as Head-IT. He is happily married with Aashi and sweet little daughter Ruby 3 year old. Atul hails from middle class family staying in town called Ferozpur in Punjab. In the morning, Aashi wakes up at 6am to get her daughter ready for play school & day care and spent one hour in the kitchen . Aashi is an Event manager in one company. She and Atul met first time in college , both were in same class. One day Atul gave correct answer in Mathematics class and thereon Aashi falls in love with him. Aashi is in good shape, do yoga in the morning, she always prefer to wear western outfits. Atul has an important meeting today, he is looking out his brown suit , white shirt and tie. Aashi is busy in kitchen, Ruby is watching her mother in the kitchen, she is hungry ..At 8:00am all are in car for the day, Ruby is at day care, crying a lot..tears are coming out from her eyes as she see her parents are going away. Aashi is in hurry to get back to the car to attend meeting with client at 9am..Atul is driving fast now to reach office. Just after he dropped Aashi to her office, after few miles, he sees a big traffic jam and everyone is honking. Atul is sweating now as his old car’s AC annoyed with him. While he was waiting for jam to clear, he saw couple happily in new brand car and driving in opposite direction. He started dreaming of the same with his family. Aashi got call from her boss to stay late today as client needs more information. She immediately called Atul to request him to pick Ruby from day care..Atul disconnected the call as he was having Gala time with his boss. His boss has given some tough targets to finish before November end. Atul realized that Diwali is coming and he has to apply for leaves as well, but in the meeting room he could not speak anything. During lunch time, sitting with colleagues on table, Atul’s Friend Vineet was talking @ taking flat ” How can I get more loan as I need bigger house? My parents are old so they will also stay with me?” Atul realized to call back Aashi, he called” Hey, sorry I could not call”..Aashi” Atul, I would be late in office today, Can you please pick Ruby ?” Atul in stressed tone ” Honey, I will also be late and have to travel outside delhi for one week.There is client meeting”..Finally both ended the call after shouting at each other..In the evening, Atul reached day care and rushed to pick Ruby, Tears came into his eyes when he saw Ruby sleeping on matteress with eyes wet and there was slip in her hand written ” Take me out please”..Atul looked up in the sky and requested god ” TAKE ME OUT PLEASE “